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Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%


Carz R Us 1 Heyworth, IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z For Less.

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%.


Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%. Services we offer at Carz R Us 1 Heyworth, IL repair services for all make and model cars and small trucks. Gas, diesel, hybrid, and flex-fuel we work on them all. We offer repair services from A to Z. If your vehicle needs a special service that we do not offer than we will guide you to right direction. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible professional services for the least amount of dollars. Carz R Us 1 Heyworth, IL beats 98% of our competitors’ written repair estimates by 20 to 80 percent off.


Carz R Us 1 Heyworth, IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z For Less.

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%. FREE TROUBLE SHOOT First Hour. Carz R Us 1 Heyworth, IL offers free troubleshooting when you notice something is wrong with your car and or if it stops running or it just doesn’t perform or work right and you do not know what the problem is and wonder how much it would cost to fix it we can troubleshoot for you for free of charge and pin point the problem for you with a written estimate. We are aware that the drivers/owners of the vehicles that come here for problems notices them first so we take notes than we check it out, by feeling, looking, smelling, and sounds and perform some tests.

HEAT & AC: Having problems with your cold air? We can perform verious tests and resolve your problem and again troubleshooting is free. We can discuss the options to save you money. Wondering what it would cost to have cold air please bring it by and have a free estimate.

BATTERY: Battery testing, charging and replacement. Battery cable and battery post replacement. Battery temperature sensor replacement.

BRAKE: Complete Brake Services, Replacement of Pads, Shoes, Brake Vacuum Pump, Rotors, Drums, Brake Cylinders, Master Brake Cylinder, Lines, Hoses Brake/ABS and Brake Sensors Calipers, Anti-Lock Pressure Switch Replacement, Emergency/Park Brake Replacements Other Brake Related Parts Replacement.

BELTS: Alternator, Drive Belt, Serpentine, Steering & Timing Belt, Belt pully and tensioner replacements.

BODYWORK & PAINT: We provide professional bodywork and paint services. We work with all insurance companies. CAN’T TELL bodywork and paint. when it comes to rebuilding your old vehicle due to its age some rust and maybe some dents etc or due to an accident we GUARANTEE to SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY. YOU WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Professional Service For LESS.


Complete Clutch Assembly Replacement. Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder Replacement. Clutch Bearing, Cable, Cable Adjuster and Fluid Replacements other Clutch Related Parts Replacements and Repairs. C/V Axle Shaft Assembly and Seal Replacement. Differential Assembly Differential Gasket and Seal Replacement, Transfer Case Replacement and Transfer Case Fluid Replacement. Complete Transmission Replacement and Transmission Fluid Replacement. Speed Sensor Replacement. Transmission Oil Pressure Switch Replacement. Shift Interlock Solenoid and Shift Selector Cable Replacement.

DETAIL: We are sorry that currently we do NOT provide this service but plan to in the near future. There are couple detail shops we work with and we can refer you to them with our discounted referral service. If you need this service and not sure where to go please let us know thank you.

DIAGNOSTICS TROUBLESHOOT: Not sure or don’t know what’s wrong with your car? We understand it can be very frustrating. You can give us a call and speak with one of our experienced service specialists and let them know about the problem. Let us know what’s it doing or not doing, does it have any symptoms? Are there any visual problems? many times we can identify the problem right over the phone based on the information the car owners provide than we can give you a repair estimate how much it would cost to fix it; however many times a problem can cause by numerious things and therefore your vehicle must get to our repair shop FREE TROUBLESHOOTING. Pin Point the problem and give you more accurate estimate with the total cost to fix it.

DOORS: Door Repair & Replacement ** Door Latch Replacement ** Door Lock Actuator Replacement ** Door Lock Relay Replacement ** Door Lock Switch Replacement ** Door Striker Plate Replacement ** Car Door Handle Replacement Interior & Exterior Lubricate Doors, Hood, Truck ** Sliding Door Motor Assembly Replacement ** Tailgate Lock Cylinder Replacement ** Tailgate Lock Solenoid Replacement ** Tailgate Lock Assembly Replacement ** Trunk Latch Repair/Adjust & Replacement ** Trunk Latch Release Cable Replacement ** Trunk Lift Shocks Replacement ** Trunk Lock Actuator Replacement ** Trunk Striker Plate Replacement ** Inner Door Panel Replacement ** Tailgate Inner Panel Replacement ** Door Mirror Replacement ** Door Window Motor & Regulator Replacement **

ENGINE: Complete Engine Replacements $300 -$800 Labor ONLY Acctual cost depends on the type of engine and vehicle you have smaller cars and FWD’s in general cost less and bigger and AWD vehicles normally cost more. Cost of Engine, Oil & Fluids,  Accessories such as brand new water pump, Brand New Timing Kit, Brand New Spark Plugs Filters, Gaskets, Seals, O’rings Etc Are Additional. by Briefly discussing about the problem of your vehicle again we can provide and estimate right over the phone. Other Engine Related Repairs. Cylinder Head Replacement, Cylinder Head Gasket Kit Replacements. Front Seals, Rear Seals and Rear Main Seal Replacements.

EXHAUST/MUFFLER SYSTEM: Complete Exhaust and Muffler System Replacements, o2 Sensor Replacements, Catalytic Converter Replacements, Exhaust Monifold Replacements, EGR, EGR Control Solenoid, EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor, EGR Temperature Sensor, EGR Vacuum Modulator Replacement. EVP Position Sensor Replacement, EVP Shut off Solenoid Replacement, Evaporation Vent Solenoid Replacement Evaporative Emission Control Canister Replacement, Exhaust Monifold Bolt Problems and Retreding. Evaporator Temperature Sensor, Evaporator Temperature Switch Replacement. Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Replacement. WE HAVE THE LEAST EXPENSIVE Echaust/Muffler System Catalytic Converter, Flex Pipe Replacement Prices in The Area. Normally We Beat Our Competitors’ Estimates Well Over 50% Off.

FILTERS: AC Fan Control Module Replacement ** Air Filter Replacement ** Air Pump Filter Replacement ** Cabin Air Filter Replacement ** Crankcase Vent Filter Replacement ** Fuel Filter Replacement ** Mass Air Flow Metter/Sensor Replacement **

FLUIDS: When you bring your vehicle for service to Carz R Us 1 we will do the work it needs and make sure all your fluids are good. ** Brake System Flush & Bleeding ** Oil Change ** Clutch Fluid Replacement ** Radiator/Cooling System Flush ** Power Steering Fluid Service ** Top of Coolant and Other Fluids ** Transfercase Fluid Replacement ** Transmission Fluid Flush ** Fluids, Oils & Gas Leaks **

FUEL GAS SYSTEM: We do all types of repairs,  Fuel Tank Replacement, Carburator Repair and Replacement, Fuel Injector(s) and O Rings Replacement, Fuel Rail Replacement, Fuel Filler Neck Replacement, Fuel Filter Replacement, Fuel Gauge Sender Unit Replacement, Fuel Filter Replacement, Fuel Line Replacement, Fuel Meter Replacement, Fuel Pressure Regulator & Fuel Pressure Sencor Replacement, Fuel Pump Assembly Replacement, Labor Cost Range From $150-$300 Plus The Cost of The Parts Such As Fuel Pump Assembly, Fuel Relay/Fuse Replacement. Fuel Door/Cap Replacement.

HOSES: We repair and replace all hoses, Here are some of the commonly replaced hoses AC Hose Replacement ** Air Injector Hose Replacement ** Any Pressure Hose Replacement ** Brake Hose/Line Replacement ** EGR & EGR Tube Replacement ** Heat Bypass Hose/Tube Replacement ** Power Steering Hose Replacement ** Radiator Hose Replacement.

IGNITION: Ballast Resistor Replacement ** Distrubutor Cap & Rotor Replacement ** Electronic Ignition Pickup Replacement ** Spark Plugs & Wires Replacement ** Ignition Coil, Ignitor & Relay Replacement **

LAMPS & LIGHTS: All Light/Lamps And Bulbs Replacement ** Brake Light Bulb Replacement ** Turn Signal Lamp Bulb Replacement ** Combination Switch Assembly Replacement ** Headlamp Assebly & Headlamp Bulps Replacement ** Tail Lamp Assembly and Tail Lamp Bulb Replacement ** Foglamp Assembly & Foglamp Bulb Replacement ** Foglamp Switch and Relay Replacement ** License Plate Lamp Replacement ** Hazard & Turn Signal Flasher Replacement ** Turn Signal Switch Replacement ** Headlamp Switch Replacement ** Interior & Dash Light Repairs & Replacements. 

LOCATOR: Here at Carz R Us 1 we offer FREE LOCATING SERVICE. If you are in the market for a quality used car, van truck or suv and we don’t have it than we can locate it for you from one of the 100’s of Auctions we are members with you will only pay us all original costs and a small commission if you need this service please call us and discuss this with one of our buyers. Carz R Us 1 Armington, IL WHOLESALES Cars & Car Parts to Public. If they don’t have the Car or Car Part you wanting they can also FREE LOCATING SERVICE.

MIRRORS: Car Door Mirror Replacement ** Interior Rear View Mirror Replacement ** Door Mirror Controller Replacement ** Car Door Mirror Switch Replacement **

PARTS: Carz R Us 1 Armington, IL Our Salvage Yard Carries Millions of Tested Quality Used OEM and Aftermarket New Parts in Stock at NATIONWIDE WHOLESALE PRICES TO PUBLIC Ready to Ship. We currently supply, 1000’s of Bodyshops, Repairshops, Car Dealers and Other Salvage Yards. If you need a car part and it’s not listed in our parts section of the website please give us a call and see if we have the car not inventoried yet or if we can provide a free locating service.

SENSORS: ABS Sensor Replacement ** Camshaft /Crankshaft Position Sensors Replacement ** Coolant Level Sensor Replacement ** Instrument Voltage Regulator Replacement ** Wiper Relay Replacement ** Low Oil Level Sensor Replacement ** Monifold Temperature Sensor Replacement ** Mass Air Flow Sensor & Air Flow Metter Assmebly Replacement ** Oil Temperature Sensor Replacement ** o2/Oxygen Sensor Replacement ** Speed Timing Sensor Replacement ** Tranny Speed Sensor Replacement ** Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement ** Throttle Position Sensor Replacement ** Yaw Rate Sensor Replacement ** There are many more sensors in cars if we didn’t list here please give us a call.

STEERING & SUSPENTION: Air Springs Replacement From Air To Regular Strut Convertions ** CV Axle Shaft Replacement ** Front & Rear Upper & Lower Ball Joint Replacement ** Rack & Pinion Replacement ** Steering Gear Box Replacement ** Control Arm Assembly Replacement ** Differention Gear Oil Replacement ** Front End Replacement ** A Frame Replacement ** Drive Shaft & U Joint Replacement ** Lubricate All Front End Parts & Suspentions ** Pitman Arm * Shaft Seal Replacement ** Power Seering Pump & Pully Replacement ** Stabilizer Bar, Stabilizer Bar Bushings & Links Replacement ** Steering Angle Sensor & Steering Column Actuator Replacement ** Strut & Shock Assembly Replacement ** Tie Rod End Replacement ** Tire Air Pressure Sensor Replacement ** Trailing Arm & Bushing Replacement ** Wheel Bearings Replacement ** Spindle & Hub Assembly Replacement ** Knee Assembly Replacement **

SWITCHES: We repair and or replace all your defective switches. List Below Shows Some of The Switches We Repair and or Replace.
** Turn Signal Switch ** Traction Control Switch ** Power Window/Lock Switch ** Cruise Control Switch ** Combination Switch ** Headlight Headlamp Switch ** Heat/AC Switch ** Cars Have Many Switches Please Call Us Let Us Know Which Unit You Need Replacement or Repaired **

TIRE: We are also in salvage business, we buy about 15-60 cars a week. We supply tire shops. Every vehicle we buy comes with 4 tires; some of these vehicles have very good tires on them looking brand new. If you are in the market for tires we can give you good prices for new or quality used tires. Prices for used tires depands on the size, and condition of the tires.

TOWING: Most Towing to Our Shop for Repairs are Free Please Ask Us For Details There are some restrictions. 24 Hour Towing.

TUNEUP: Spark Plugs and Wires Replacement ** Cap & Rotor Replacement ** Fuel Filter, Air Filter * Oil * Oil Filter Replacement ** Injector, Injector Rail and Injector Related Parts Replacement ** When you come in for a tuneup we will inspect your engine and its performance and perform needed adjustments, replacements etc.


Profesionally Brand New WINDSHIELD REPLACEMETS For Most Make & Model Cars, Mini-Vans, SUVS’ Pickup Trucks Etc ONLY $200. This Price Includes Brand New Windshield, Windshield Glue, Windshield Moldings, Windshield Replacement Labor and Taxes. We work around your schedule and we can come to you or you can set up an appointment with us if you need windshield replacement service.

Window, Window Motor, Window Regulator, Window Motor Regulator Assembly and Window Tracks, Window Switches and other Window Related Parts if it can be repaired we will or replace the needed parts cost depends on the type of vehicle you have and the service you may need.

If the services you need are not listed here please let us know and we will let you know if we can assist you with it or guide you to right direction.

Carz R Us Heyworth IL Professional Car Repairs From A-Z Save Upto 80%

Car Parts We Replace & Wholesale at Carz R Us 1 Heyworth/Armington.

Car Parts We Replace & Wholesale at Carz R Us 1 Heyworth/Armington.

Car Parts We Replace & Wholesale at Carz R Us 1 Heyworth/Armington.

AC Compressor ** AC Condensor **  AC Condensor Fan Assmebly ** AC Control Computer ** AC Evaporator ** AC Heat Temperature Climate Controller ** AC Hose ** Air Bag ** Air Bag Clock Spring ** Air Bag Control Module ** Air Cleaner Box Assembly ** Alternator ** Antenna ** Anti-Lock Brake Computer ** Anti-Lock Brake Pump ** Automatic Transmission Cooler ** 4WD Actuator ** Axle Assembly Front & Rear With Housing ** Axle Beam Front & Rear ** Axle Shaft ** Battery & Battery Tray, Battery Wires, Terminals & Connectors ** Belt Tensionner ** Blower Motor ** Brakes ** Brake Rotors Drums Shoes Booster Module ABS Emergency Park Brake **

Car Models We Work On & Parts We Wholesale For:

ACURA ** AUDI ** BUICK ** BMW ** CADILLAC ** CHEVROLET ** CHRYSLER ** DAEWOO ** DODGE ** FIAT ** FORD ** GMC ** HONDA ** HUMMER ** HYUNDIA ** INFINITI ** ISUZU ** JAGUAR ** JEEP ** KAWASAKI ** KIA ** LANDROVER ** LEXUS ** LINCOLN ** MAZDA ** MERCEDES BENZ ** MERCURY ** MINI ** MITSUBISHI ** NISSAN ** OLDSMOBILE ** PLYMOUTH ** PONTIAC ** PORSCHE ** SAAB ** SATURN ** SCION ** SUBARU ** SUZUKI ** TOYOTA ** VOLKSWAGEN ** VOLVO ** We didn’t list every model we work on if your model is not listed please give us a call and let us know. Ph: 309-557-0220.

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We Provide Most Repair Services From A to Z For Less Carz R Us 1 Heyworth/Armington, IL WE WHOLESALE CARS & CAR PARTS TO PUBLIC